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Killing Detroit

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Killing Detroit

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Conspiracy Theory? NO!
This Was An American Conspiracy!

Killing Detroit Chapter One - To Serve With Intent

The sun goes down, and night falls, on a dimly lit street uncovering another tragedy. Rain pours down, and a young black man runs from the police with stolen property. He darts into a dark alley, fearful in his retreat, but his feet don’t give in. Eventually, two officers corner him, blocking his escape with their patrol car. The man drops the stolen items and raises his hands in surrender. The mans intention is clear as the stolen property is given up, and the panting young man accepts his ill fate of ending up behind bars. But the Detroit Police Officer that chased him has a different intention. He takes out his gun, and points it at the surrendering man. The poor man knows his death death day has arrived long before the cops gunshot is heard. A tear rolls down his face as he looks up.    

“I am sorry.” 

A low, tired voice speaks, hoping for mercy, as the gunshot echoes through the alleyway; the man falls down to his knees, his teary eyes still open as his face lands hard on the concrete. The policemen is laser focused on his evil act, as he moves away from the scene, taking off the black leather glove that had pulled the trigger. As they exit the alleyway, there remains only one criminal for the eleven o'clock news, he is lifeless with the stolen bag of baby diapers beside his body. The bigger criminal the cop runs loose, fulfilling his desires for taking out his hate on more unsuspecting citizens of Detroit. As the murderous cop approaches his patrol car he utters to his partner "I'll be glad when the drugs arrive so we can get some help killing these black porch monkeys" His partner nods in agreement.

On The same night across town, an older black man limps through the street. He sees a pay phone and heads over to it, dipping a finger into the coin return slot. Nothing; he comes up empty. Then, from the corner of his eye, he notices a squad car roughly a block away. The cop at the wheel gestures him over. Hesitant, the older man ignores him and steps away in the opposite direction. The voice inside the car continues. “Those who don’t want to co-operate with our plans will be handled accordingly. The officer charges out of his car, squarely draws his gun, and then shoots the man in the back of the head. The officer steps back into his car and races away, leaving the bloodied corpse lying in the street.


From Chapter Three: History Class As Taught In The New Black Classroom

Instructor speaking at a Chicago independent black research center.  The class consist of 40 high-school students the subject is American history from a black perspective...

Those laws you learned about in your high school civics class brother, those laws were not written for you. Did you know that? That constitution was not written for you, because you are not considered a whole person by those slave holders who wrote those one sided rules. Look right here on that line what do they consider you is nothing but a zero. They never mention race, but they say persons so they can try an dance around the truth. To be a whole person in America you must be treated like one, and you must have full rights and you have never had that privilege! You are regarded as a lower form of life on this line right here. Some would say even less than human. So this is who you are in America a nothing. You are the image given to you by those who control you, your mind and your body. Some of us have even learned to accept this inferior position, and we don't even know it. This is almost like some kind of self imposed hypnosis brothers and sisters. Look at this famous movie star. This is Marilyn Mon-hoe. No not roe Hoe yeah I said it. This is that American beauty standard, this is that standard that was crammed down your throat from the day you were born sisters. Look at this whore standing over a dirty sewer with hot air blowing up her ass. That ain't no standard for you to follow, that's a hoe and a tramp and if you follow this standard that is what you will be as well.





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