New Book “Killing Detroit” Reveals CIA, FBI , and Detroit Police Involvement In 70s Cocaine Distribution

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Killing Detroit
The True Story of America's Drug Attack on Black Detroit

Fort Lauderdale Florida November 24th,2023

Killing Detroit, author Christopher Hood delivers a gut-wrenching true story of covert CIA and FBI drug dealing, violence, and death. Each chapter is told from a first-person point of view, revealing the eyewitness damage inflicted on the citizens of one of America's most important cities.  Killing Detroit pulls the sheets off a well-planned government scheme that left broken neighborhoods, fractured families, and dead bodies in its wake. Over fifty years later, Detroit is still reeling from this scheme of murder and financial destruction. Killing Detroit exposes the critical events behind the rapid decline of this once-great American city.

About Killing Detroit

Killing Detroit is the true story of a black activist searching for justice. Carl, a lifelong resident of Detroit, notices rampant drug dealing on the streets of the city's black neighborhoods. Drug houses and street dealers have the protection of the Detroit Police Department. Carl is outraged and forms a group to expose the corruption inside the FBI and the city's police department. His tireless efforts resulted in a series of unexpected and violent attacks by the federal government. Killing Detroit reveals in detail for the first time the plot to destroy a city and its citizens and the voices of dissent. Learn what transformed this once-thriving city into the nation's largest drug den in the 70s almost overnight.

Hood recently stated: "Every American should read this book to understand better how our democracy works. This is not an attack on America. This is an attack on lies, deception, and putting people's minds to sleep with drugs. One particular group of readers should pay close attention to this book. They are people who lived in Detroit during the late 60s and 70s. This group has solid legal grounds for monetary reparations for the damage carried out by the US. Government. They deserve compensation for the death and destruction and its impacts that remain to this day. The U. S. Government should pay for the countless drug-addicted babies born in Detroit and the destruction of countless billions in generational real estate wealth.”

Christopher Hood is a prolific author, having researched and published his first book showcasing his hard-hitting and fact-based writing style. His second book, to be released in the spring of 2024, "The Corporate Klan," tells the story of white privilege, corporate arrogance, greed, and racism.” The true story exposes how the tables were turned on greed and racism in a most unusual and unexpected way. Hood said: "The Corporate Klan is a powerful warning call to every CEO across America."

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