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January 17th 2024 - Check out the recording

Christopher Hood Interviewed with Chuck Mertz on his This Is Hell broadcast on Monday, January 17th. 2024 hear the recorded interview  at  https://thisishell.com/interviews/1688-christopher-hood


This is Hell! is a longform political interview program broadcast across Chicago on WNUR since 1996. Every morning, Monday to Wednesday 10am central time, Chuck Mertz works off his news hangover by talking to the journalists, authors and activists working to make this world a slightly less hellish place.

About Chuck

Chuck Mertz has hosted This is Hell! since 1996. Before that he worked selling Christmas decorations, counting and etching bushings, delivering newspapers, stocking shelves and mopping floors, making gyros, dismantling schools, working concert security, cleaning vegetables, canvassing homes, washing dishes, cleaning apartments, attending to a parking lot, conducting telemarketing research, making sandwiches, selling books, working the door, working a loading dock and warehouse, counting people, counting shoes, freelance writing, production assistant, field producing and assignment editing.


 1/22/2024 Christopher Hood Interviews With:

Tinokuda Bvunzawabaya From The United Kingdom On

The Black & Raww Podcast

Hear The Interview At: www.blackandraww.co.uk

Instagram & Twitter: @blackandraww 

Podcast: The Black & Raww Podcast


Black History Month 2024
      Interview With The Author of Killing Detroit

February 2 2024 at 07:00 PM EST get free tickets at: https://allevents.in/online/interview-with-the-author-of-killing-detroit/80003577979590

Join us for a captivating and thought-provoking event as we present "Interview with the author of Killing Detroit" featuring the esteemed Christopher Hood. On February 2 2024 at 07:00 PM this online event will immerse you in the world of modern African American history and explore the depths of Hood's groundbreaking book.

As the leading authority on urban decline Christopher Hood has gained immense recognition for his powerful storytelling and unflinching portrayal of the Detroit African American experience. In this exclusive interview he will share the inspiration behind his acclaimed work "Killing Detroit" shedding light on the struggles triumphs and untold narratives that shape the city's rich history.

Prepare to be enthralled as Hood delves into his creative process revealing the challenges he faced while crafting this gripping tale and the untapped potential he sees in the untold story of the drug attack on Detroit. Whether you are an avid reader aspiring writer or simply curious about exploring multicultural modern Detroit history this event is a must-attend event.